The best landing page tips in 2024.  Top ideas for increasing leads and conversions from website landing pages in 2024. Skyrocket your leads and sales with the best landing page optimisation tips in 2024. Get explosive website page conversions with these top 10 landing page optimisation tips.

Written by Mau, a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at eDigital. 


Find below the best 10 landing page optimisation tips to increase website conversions.

The below tips have been sourced from some of the world’s best landing page and conversion optimisation experts including Oli Gardner (Unbounce), Neil Patel and Mau (eDigital).

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  • A landing page must have ONLY a single goal – Only one link (call to action).
  • The button should stand out> place it right below the call to action and if possible above the fold.
  • Call to action examples:
    • Copy 1: “Buy our landing page services!” – it is not very effective on its own.
    • Copy: 2: “Need better landing pages? We can help you!” – isn’t much better.
    • Copy 3:  “An optimal Landing page will increase your conversions and decrease bouncing. Here is how it can be done…” it is much better.

Other “calls to action” can include:

  • Get a demo 
  • Try free  or Try it for free 
  • Build my ___ now!
  • Get Started or Get Started Free
  • Sign up – or explore features 
  • Get Instant Access 
  • Get Help Now 
  • Test it Out! 
  • Start My Free Trial or 15-day free trial 
  • Learn More 
  • See the difference 
  • Keep me informed! 

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  • Remove completely the navigation of some of your landing pages and have the page completely stand-alone and distraction-free. Services such as Unbounce and others can help create stand-alone pages that can be created as subdomains on your website with no need for a developer.
  • Reduce carousels as they are distractions.
  • Remove any ability for the users to do anything else apart from your ONE single goal.

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Always keep mobile in mind when testing your landing page. as most of the traffic to websites is from mobile devices now. Responsive landing pages is key.

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  • Consider form length. Too many fields might create a “too much effort” reaction causing people to bounce before you capture their details. Depending on how motivating your offer might trigger people to give you more personal details.
  • Test Form positioning. Different businesses have different success with where the form is placed, sometimes it can be successful at the bottom of the page and sometimes it can also be successful at the top.

Areas where you can position your form:

  • Right after blog posts and tutorials
  • In the footer
  • On a slide-up box: appears when users scroll down a page – a clear indication they are interested in your content and are ready to learn more.
  • On top-performing pages. Check your Google Analytics data for popular pages and place your best lead capture form.
  • In a feature box. You test adding a form to the top in a hard-to-miss feature box. Highlight what users will gain by completing your form.

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  • Brand your landing pages consistently and invest in design, making them similar to your other branded pages on your website.
  • Ensure there is consistency between ad creative and landing page creative so visitors can trust your landing page.

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  • Relevancy: if you are making a promise on your banner ad, make sure your landing page provides what the reader was led to expect.
  • A user has a goal to achieve or a specific need to fill. Whether you reach them via Google Ads or social media ads. Ensure you solve their need or help them achieve their goal.
  • Deliver what the reader needs right away – at the very top so your landing page provides ROTI Return on Time invested.
  • For users who are not ready to buy, your landing page should not push a product but provide insights or information.

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  • Provide security with an “HTTPS” page so users can feel safe transacting from your landing page.


  • Most exit pop-ups are boring and hard to escape. Make them delightful so users do not even need to think of escaping. Un-bounce offers a transparent “cloud” exit pop-up that people love.
  • Give the reader a reason to think that your offering is better than everyone else.
  • Invite me to learn more, sign up or buy.

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  • Use the military communication technique BLUF Bottom Line Up Front when writing your landing page. In which the conclusion – the most vital information and action – is placed right at the start.
  • The BLUF will highlight your best copy right away, increase clarity and give the reader what they need to make an informed decision.
  • Give readers only the bare necessities to make a decision. Use a clear “TripWire” – An offer impossible to resist – Example: “Sign up for free and start…”.
  • Aid your supporting paragraphs (Unique selling propositions) with powerful yet simple, positive visual icons. Make claims in no uncertain terms. On their site, Linode says their servers have “Zeus-like power“. that’s a very unique, positive and powerful short phrase.
  • Avoid plague words as these words waste time and decrease ROTI.
  • If for some reason you need to have a long landing page, break it up with subheadings, images, bullet points and other goodies.
  • Try the “Blank Sheet of Paper” test where you write down on a blank sheet of paper your title, subtitle, image caption or first paragraph and pass it to a stranger. Would the stranger understand it? if not, make it clearer!
  • Use images and videos that relate to the copy to draw in viewers.
  • Create affinity by empathising with their struggles and identifying with their affiliations. You are one of them and they are one of you.
  • Fire reciprocity by giving something away for free. Studies have shown that even small gifts will often motivate the recipient to return the gift with a disproportionately large reciprocation. The idea is to fire a reason for readers to reciprocate by choosing you as their brand of choice.
  • Use powerful words to bring emotion to your readers. Examples: “staggering”, “smashing”, “stunning”, “stupendously simple”, “impressively advanced”, “mind-blowing excitement”, “extraordinary thing”, “exhilarating peak”.
  • Impeccable grammar is key. Always double and triple-check your copy for spelling errors or sloppy grammar.
  • Make users avoid “pain”. Use the theory of loss aversion, to get readers to seek relief by engaging with you. You can implement pain in the testimonials ( very effective at conveying pain in a trustworthy way)  or in the paragraphs of your landing page.

A great example of a company using “pain” psychology is Prudential.

Pain: the worry about not having money enough to retire on

Concern: living in poverty

Guilt: procrastinating and not saving enough.

  • Same as “pain” you can use emotional “pleasure” cues. Use the reader’s desire to be accepted, loved, appreciated, recognized, honoured, compensated, admired, etc.
  • Inspire a sense of “wonder” or “surprise”. in case you do not want to use “pain” or “pleasure” cues.
  • Psychology persuasion principles by Robert Cialdini still are relevant when writing a landing page.
  • Use the “Conclusion, Key Points and Actions” framework when writing your landing pages. Example: PaypalConclusion: Send and receive money safelyKey points: Access your money anywhere. Trade business invoices in any currency.Actions: Start trading today
  • The Swatch watch is the perfect example of something completely functional, beautiful and weird at the same time. And the beauty doesn’t detract from the purpose. You gotta create amazing landing page experiences that both perform and delight at the same time.

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  • Include social proof. this is especially critical when offering services or products that might have some sort of risk associated. You might want to add your top 3-4 customer logos or client testimonials. When adding testimonials ensure the testimonial is from someone who fits your target reader, not a celebrity or an expert. Make sure your testimonials add real numbers and specific results (not just glittering generalities).
  • For information-based landing pages ( you are solving a specific issue or problem) having social sharing buttons can show that other people are sharing and valuing your landing page article.
  • For email subscription landing pages, you can either promote the virtues of the information the reader will receive or promote the number of people who have already subscribed: social proof. It is been found by the Portent Internet Marketing Agency ( Ian Lurie) that promoting social proof is more popular.

Social proof is one benefit when working with influencers. You can also learn how to choose the right influencer your business. 



  • Write compelling headlines that invite a visitor to take a closer look. Do not forget the headlines of your online form too.


  • Don’t defy convention: make every element on the page as familiar as possible. Follow the same structure for navigation that other similar industry sites are using.
  • Help your readers with directional cues: can range from arrows glaringly pointing towards the information you want the visitor to read, to more subtle ones such as an image of a person looking at the call to action button. Sub-headers and dot points can also help break up text and draw attention to key points.


  • Add trust indicators. Incorporate testimonials, reviews, press mentions, guarantee seals and security certification (business bureau, VeriSign).


  • Show your business is legitimate by showing a phone number, a physical address and a contact form. Test including a live chat as people at the end of the day want to be helped by a real human. Ensure the “chat now” box is always present, regardless of scroll depth.


  • Customers love guarantees as it can help people feel reassured. Choose a type that works for your business type. The point is that you have a guarantee and the customers will know it. For email sign-ups: you can promote a “100% No Spam Guarantee”.
  • Position your guarantee close to the Call to Action CTA. as it will help the reader get a bit of assurance and be ready to convert.
  • Use words such as “unbeatable guarantee”, “100% risk-free”, “100% money-back guarantee”.

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Test your landing page call to action. When Firefox changed its call to action from “Try Firefox 3″ to ‘Download Now- Free”, it increased downloads by 3.6%. (Source: blog). Test different landing page combinations and keep track of what works and what does not. There is no such checklist when writing the best landing page. you need to test, iterate and improve on an ongoing basis.

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