The best 10 foods and dishes consumed in Australia.

What Australian food lovers and foodies think are the best Australian foods and dishes.

The top 10 Australian food in 2024 list

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Before you find the best 10 Australian foodslet me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

You will never build a sustainable business based on takeaway sales.

  • If you use Uber Eats, DoorDash or Menulog, the 20% to 30% you pay them for every single order is helping them grow their business, not yours.
  • When you sell using those delivery apps, you are helping them grow their database, not yours. Yes, that’s right, you cannot request them to transfer your hard-earned takeaway customers’ data to your best CRM software
  • To get more takeaway sales you constantly need to advertise more offers and cut more profit.

Takeaway is NOT your business.

You are in the business of making people feel amazing. (the experience)

You sell an experience.

You do not sell food.

Offering yummy food is not enough if you want to make a profit.

Many can offer a tasty dish but extremely few are offering an amazing service.

The better you become at making people feel amazing, the easier will be to charge a premium for the experience you offer (Premium price – profit driver)

Let that sink in for a minute.

High dependency on takeaway sales is happening to business owners who have not had the skills and knowledge to train their staff and teams in remarkable customer service.

And I do not blame them.

In general, the service you get at restaurants and food outlets in Australia is s***t! with few exceptions counted with half of one hand’s fingers.

As consumers are not seeing the value of sitting at a restaurant, they either:

  • Cook at home
  • Buy pre-cooked meals at supermarkets or
  • Buy takeaway

All these cut the massive opportunity you have to make a big profit.

The solution

I can train you and your team on how to deliver a truly unique and remarkable experience that will keep customers for years talking about it.

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Now let’s talk about what Aussies consider to be the best food consumed in Australia.

In other words, you are about to find a  “best 10” list of what Australians consider the “best food”. 

Some of our best virtual assistants have researched what the best foods and dishes are in Australia. 

Our virtual assistants look at:

  • Popular foods and dishes search in Google Australia
  • The number of positive mentions of foods and dishes by Australians on social media.
  • Food articles written by food bloggers, chefs and foodies based in Australia.

Sadly, there are low signs of organic food or healthy food becoming mainstream.

Online apps and food delivery services are making junk food more accessible as confirmed by the University of Sydney research.

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10. Aussie Steak, potatoes and veggies

In Australia, cooking at home is seen more as a chore than as a hobby; leaving some few – who adventure in cooking at home – to eat quite depressing “homemade” dishes.

Anthony Albanese Australian politician depressing dinner Instagram

Anthony Albanese Australian politician depressing dinner Instagram

The above homemade depressing dish was presented by a high-paid Aussie politician on his Instagram account.

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9. Mexican Burrito 

baby burrito mommy bri beibi un mes

baby burrito Mommy Bri Beibi un mes

Mommy Bri Beibi is a Twitter (@brianaaemi) and Onlyfans (@bribeibi) content creator who has followed some of the best 10 OnlyFans promotional ideas and tips.

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8. Chinese sweet and sour pork

grandkids young old pig sweet sour pork grandchildren funny meme

grandkids young old pig sweet sour pork grandchildren funny meme

“You do not necessarily need to follow the trend of opening a popular junk takeaway food business. If all the trends, data and insights are telling you to open  – for example – a new “fish and chips” store to make money, think about the contribution are you making to your community. Do they need another junk food store in town? If – on the contrary – you are passionate about organic or vegan, but the data tells you there is no market for it, you can start small with a food truck/van and once you educate the market about the benefits of your new healthy offering, you can scale up”


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7. Indian butter chicken

butter chicken single parenting wise advice chicks funny meme

butter chicken single parenting wise advice chicks funny meme

6. Japanese Sushi

Hello Kitty sushi babe what is wrong funny meme

Hello Kitty sushi babe what is wrong funny meme

5. Pad thai

what is brand reputation pad thai see ew funny marketing meme

what is brand reputation pad thai see ew funny marketing meme

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4. German chicken schnitzel

3. New York-style burgers

Oporto burgers valentine's day deal half price meal for two 2020

Oporto burgers valentine’s day deal half price meal for two 2020

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2. Italian Pizza

steak pizza guga gordon ramsey reaction gustavo tosta

steak pizza guga gordon ramsey reaction gustavo tosta

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1. Fish and chips

traditional british fish and Chips shop entrance door lets go in cat stroller

traditional British fish and chips shop entrance door “let’s go in” cat stroller

Restaurant owners are using > The best Allergen Guide Sheet Template

Allergen guide sheet template

Allergen guide sheet template

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Food is an important part of Australian culture, serving as a channel for cultural exchange, social bonding, celebration, connection to the land, tourism, health, innovation, identity, and pride.

Some of the best Australian food reflects the country’s multiculturalism, outdoor lifestyle, and commitment to quality, diversity, and sustainability in food production and consumption.

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