Find below some of the World’s Top 10 most prestigious Marketing Awards in 2024. Register & win a Marketing Award. Different categories: Digital, B2B, creative, etc.

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Here are four reasons and benefits why you should apply for marketing awards:

  • Powerful publicity: Rise above your competition with company exposure in local, national, and industry showcases.
  • Valuable connections: Join an exclusive community of leading marketers from every industry and region
  • Business prospects: Gain outstanding visibility with potential clients and hires through the promotion of your name by the award organiser.
  • Significant prestige: Feel the difference between being an “Awarded” marketer on your company morale and when you call on prospects.


10. eSMA AWARDS by eDigital

eDigital Social Marketing Awards recognise the best social marketing campaign of the year. The winning entry receives USD$1000. Entries for this year’s Social Marketing Awards Australia are now open. Please visit the eSMA Awards page to find out more about these exclusive and prestigious awards.

social marketing awards

social marketing awards

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The AMI Awards for marketing excellence celebrate top marketers and organisations finding extraordinary marketing success from innovative, effective and best practices.

ami awards for marketing excellence

AMI Awards for marketing excellence

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This Australian publisher is asking marketers: what giant leap have you made in advertising, marketing and media? the B&T Awards remain Australia and New Zealand’s benchmark for effective creative marketing communications. Judged by more than 100 of Australia’s most experienced marketers, 36 categories cover the full gamut of the communications discipline. And of course, the highly coveted Grand Prix Award highlights one agency making the biggest impact on how this game is played. Held in Sydney in November, it is the perfect night to celebrate a year of hard marketing and advertising work.

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effie logo png

effie logo PNG

The Effie Awards are considered by marketers globally as one of the top marketing awards in the marketing industry and celebrate the best forms of marketing that contribute to a brand’s success.  For over 50 years, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with over 50 programs, including the Global Effies, regional programs in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East / North Africa and Latin America, and national Effie programs.

The Effie Awards were launched in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association as an awards program to honour the most effective advertising efforts.  The awards now honour all forms of effective marketing and the companies and professionals creating effective marketing campaigns around the world.

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best software products for marketers awards g2crowd

best software products for marketers awards g2crowd

G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform that highlights the voices of real customers and leverages thousands of user reviews to come up with go-to lists like these. G2 Crowd works hard to dig deep into products and offer advice and reviews for when it’s time to make hefty business platform decisions. G2Crowd analysed 200+ thousand new reviews to create the definitive ranking of the best software products for marketers worldwide.

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Before you decide on your next marketing award entry, let me tell you something you have probably been turning a blind eye to…

Social media is not helping your business 

  • If you are lucky, your organic social media posts are reaching an average of 5% of your followers. This is a massive issue affecting thousands of professional marketers.
  • You have been trying hard to build audiences on social media that you do not even own.
  • You cannot transfer your hard-earned social media followers to your CRM.
  • Your customer acquisition costs from social media ads are through the roof.

The solution

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digiday technology awards logo blue

Digiday Technology Awards logo blue

The Digiday Technology Awards recognise the technology bringing transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness to the media and digital marketing processes for brands, agencies and publishers. Over the years, these awards have honoured industry-leading work.

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” Winning a marketing award serves as a third-party endorsement of your great marketing work. Winning a marketing award improves your professional marketing credibility and builds trust with clients, partners, investors, and consumers who see your marketing achievements as evidence of your marketing expertise and quality”

Mau – Global Head of Marketing Strategy at eDigital


The IAB Mixx Awards is an international initiative organised by the Belgian Association Of Marketing. The “IAB MIXX Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards” is a recognition for the best digital cases of the year. Winners 4 main domains: Digital Communication, Digital Platforms, Mark Ad-Tech Tools and Media. Also, there will be winners for three Special Awards:

  • Most Promising Digital Agency of the Year
  • Digital Agency of the Year
  • Digital Advertiser of the Year

The Digital Sales of the Year Award & the Digital Planner of the Year Award will be chosen by their peers in the market in collaboration with UMA & DMA.


iab mixx awards

IAB Mixx Awards

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Their “Advertising” category offers fantastic opportunities for marketers with some of the most innovative digital marketing campaigns that are changing the world. This advertising category is for campaigns designed to draw attention to social issues and inspire people to act or to promote world-changing products or services.

World Changing ideas Awards Logo full colour Fast Company

World Changing Ideas Awards Logo full colour Fast Company

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adcan awards creativity

ADCAN awards creativity

Join ADCAN for an evening championing Creativity as a force for good. Their charity partners are all advocating the value, resilience, and strength of the next generation. It’s a chance to encourage the next generation of marketers & entrepreneurs; inspire creative, positive change within vulnerable populations; fight for the dignity and protection of undocumented immigrants; work to raise awareness of the impact of social media on young people’s mental health, and tackling the mammoth issue of gun safety.

ADCAN offers a 50% discount for the Working Not Working Community. Your ticket contribution helps ADCAN, a not-for-profit, support its charity partners and the next generation of creative producers. Use the password “wnw18” to get an exclusive WNW Member discount.

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Mau’s tip: Brands with Award-winning status can sway purchasing decisions and attract customers who value high-quality products or services.


These awards are organised by The Big Data & AI for Media Association and the winners were honoured at a dinner in New York City.

biggies global awards banner

Biggies Global Awards banner


  • Winning or even being nominated for a marketing award can generate significant media coverage and social media buzz. This exposure can lead to increased brand visibility and a wider audience reach.
  • Marketing Award ceremonies offer valuable networking opportunities. Connecting with fellow award recipients, industry professionals, and potential clients can lead to new collaborations and business relationships.
  • Award-winning brands often find it easier to attract top talent. Marketing professionals seeking to work for innovative and successful brands are drawn to companies that have received recognition for their marketing achievements.
  • Winning a Marketing award can boost morale and motivation among your team members. It validates their hard work, fosters a sense of pride, and encourages a culture of excellence.
  • Participating in a Marketing Award competition allows your marketing team to benchmark your marketing work against marketing industry standards and best practices. Constructive feedback from judges can help you identify areas for improvement and innovation.
  • Winning marketing awards contributes to a strong portfolio of successful campaigns and projects. This can be a powerful tool when pitching to new jobs, potential clients, partners or investors.
  • Marketing awards celebrate creativity and originality. Earning recognition for your unique and inventive marketing strategies can inspire you to continue pushing creative boundaries.
  • Marketing awards align with branding efforts by reinforcing your brand’s core values and messaging. The accolades demonstrate your commitment to excellence and your brand’s dedication to delivering exceptional experiences.
  • The positive impact of winning marketing awards can extend well beyond the immediate moment. Awards can have a lasting influence on your reputation, positioning your brand for continued success in the future.


Marketing awards hold many important benefits for marketing professionals and the brands they manage.

Winning a marketing award is a recognition of your marketing team’s creativity, innovation, and excellence in the field.

Winning one of the above prestigious marketing awards establishes you as a leader in your industry and adds status to your brand, helping your brand stand out among competitors.

It’s important to choose Marketing Awards that are relevant to your industry, objectives, and target audience.

While marketing awards can offer numerous advantages, they should be part of a broader marketing strategy that focuses on delivering value, building relationships, and meeting the needs of your customers.

eDigital can help you conceptualise, plan, develop, run and optimise successful marketing campaigns that generate leads and sales for your brand.

The services we offer include:

  • Strategic planning for social media and other digital marketing channels.
  • Online advertising management and optimisation (Search, Display, social media ads and re-marketing).
  • Marketing training: social media training and digital marketing training. 
  • SEO strategy and execution. Including content development (articles, stories, eye-catching and SEO-optimised visuals).
  • Celebrity and influencer marketing campaign strategy. 
  • Brand development. Logo creation, brand personality development and design of marketing materials.
  • Consumer contests/competitions/giveaways.
  • Email marketing. Dip sequence design and deployment. 
  • Conversion rate optimisation. It is also called “path to purchase” optimisation. 

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