Find below what vCPM means. The definition of the “Viewable Cost per Thousand Impressions” metric in online advertising and how to calculate it. 


vCPM is an online advertising metric and a type of Google Ads Media Cost Model where advertisers pay every time their ads are actually displayed on a user screen.

Viewable Cost per thousand impressions (vCPM) where the “v” means the ad is viewable, which is defined as 50% of the ad being shown to a user screen for over one second (not buried lower on the page, or displayed on a page where someone navigates away while the page is still loading).

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CPM = Cost per thousand – You pay for one thousand impressions of your banner ad, regardless of whether or not your banner ad has been viewed by a user.

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vCPM = Viewable Cost per thousand – You pay for one thousand impressions of your banner ad, guaranteed your banner ad has been viewed by a user.

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vCPM is an important performance indicator (KPI) that helps advertisers assess the effectiveness of their online ad campaigns. The Viewable Cost per Thousand Impressions metric provides insights into how much advertisers are paying for online ad impressions that are actually viewable by users.

Calculating Viewable Cost per Thousand Impressions (vCPM) is important because it allows advertisers to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital advertising campaigns.

The vCPM metric helps in optimising display banner campaigns and strategies, ensuring ad visibility, and making data-driven decisions to maximise the impact of online advertising efforts while controlling costs.

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