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Are you looking to learn how to promote your  business via visual social media channels but do not know how to start?

Mauricio is a Sydney based visual social media and digital marketing strategy consultant and trainer with over 14 years experience creating, optimising and helping business create, optimise and amplify their visual assets over the internet.

Learn how to increase your brand presence though visual discovery on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Our classes and sessions go deep into each platform’s unique audience and content, and will help you develop effective platform-specific marketing campaigns for your own business or brand.Instagram has 300M+ active users and successful brands are leveraging the platform to showcase creative content and humanise their brand. Pinterest has 70M+ users and is one of the fastest growing platforms, and also one of the most viral, with an 80% content share rate.In our visual media classes, you’ll learn to increase your brand presence, acquire new users and drive traffic back to your site using these platforms. It’s ideal for new business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, startup founders, social media managers, pr (public relations) managers, writers and bloggers.
pinterest marketing training class edigital sydney

pinterest marketing training class edigital sydney


  • Explore Instagram and Pinterest and gain a better understanding of user bases, audience demographics, and strong content opportunities for your brand.
  • Discover and learn case studies of successful marketing campaigns on each platform.
  • Understand the components of successful visual social media campaigns.
  • Create a marketing campaign concept for your own brand, using one of these platforms.
  • Strategies for acquiring followers, and converting followers into customers and advocates of your business.

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