how to get instagram-followers fast and free eDigital Mauricio Escobar

how to get instagram-followers fast and free eDigital Mauricio Escobar

18 Feb 2017 – eDigital reveals the best hacks and tricks used by professional Instagram marketers to fast increase and get thousands of new Instagram followers for free! – Your Instagram account will be like a bee reaching thousands of Instagram users per day!

Looking to know how to get Instagram followers fast and free, but not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This quick-start guide is a step by step checklist that provides a broad overview of everything you’ll need to do to get Instagram followers fast and free. Along the way, we’ll be dropping in links to additional resources that will help you iron out some of the finer details of your Instagram strategy.

By following these directions, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the unparalleled benefits and substantial marketing gains of true, holistic and effective Instagram Strategy.

Ready? Let’s begin.

By Mauricio Escobar, Social Media trainer at Sydney based agency eDigital,  photographer and Instagram Manager of @eDigitalAgency and @eDigitalPhotos 


Instagram Analytics Screen Shot eDigital Australia

Instagram Analytics Screen Shot eDigital Australia


Business owners and some marketing managers focus their dollars, time and marketing resources on building social media audiences (aka SMA) and less time on converting these SMA. Yes it is important to build a following base on Instagram but far more important should be to design measurable objectives and goals you want these following base to act on. Finding out who your customers are on Instagram is possibly the first and most important activity to start with.


eDigital Photography Instagram Social Media Marketing Services Sydney Australia

eDigital Photography Instagram Social Media Marketing Services Sydney Australia

If you are new to Instagram and have a physical store or location that customers visit you; then start by:

  • Search for your location on Instagram and start following people who have added photos with your business location on them. These are real customers who have been visited your location!-.
  • Feature customers at your business location and when uploading the photos into Instagram, ensure you tag your customers accounts and also add a location.
  • Tap  symbol and follow your facebook and mobile phone contacts. Choose a day and time when people use to tend to be free browsing facebook (ideally a Sunday or Monday rainy night when not much is happening). Likely your facebook friends and contacts will follow you back. Only just this activity might generate you more than 1000 thousand likes if you are actively adding great visual content on both Facebook and Instagram.

It is important that social media managers have clear goals and start following their real customers via CRM integration with Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Once you pass those free options, then you can explore the below on to get Instagram followers fast and free; however it is important to know and analyse which one will fit your brand purposes and goals.


  • People will like and follow you if you also show you follow and like their Instagram images. With limited time, you will not be able to like thousands of images related to your category or business and even have a time to follow people who are using hashtags related to your industry. The solution to this is to use auto likes and auto follow tools. Our prefer tool are #likes and River , you can set up the type of images you want the tool to like and the type of hashtags you want the tool to follow people – MUST READ: Best Instagram Tools

I will encourage you to keep away from people who sells you 1000 new Instagram followers for only $5 as they will bring only fake followers to your account. Remember that Instagram removes periodically fake followers so all your time, energy and budget on paying for fake followers will go to the rubbish bin! Instagram makes on-going anti-spam improvements to their platform. As a result, Instagram can crackdown on spammy activities and Instagram can temporary block or ban on activities like auto-commenting or auto-liking.

The big disadvantage of these services is that you will have to give away your Instagram login details in order for the script to work. Also as they “like” specific hastags you specify, at some point people realise it is not natural that you are liking every time you add a popular hastag in your photos – in my case my popular hastags are related to #bondibeach #northbondi #sydney. These providers could potentially be also the same ones that sell likes and followers and use your account to do so. (Example of one of those auto-likes providers terms and conditions here – Instamacro).

To find a list of these tools, please visit our Best Instagram tools article.


West Elm facebook ad user generated content facebook

West Elm Facebook ad from user generated content

Sometimes producing truly unique and creative content your customers will love can be difficult, not cheap and time consuming. By encouraging fans to share content with your brand, you effectively crowd source your content creation efforts. Not only your brand is getting a large volume of content, USG can also provide highly-engaging and authentic images. Your customers might find USG to be more engaging than branded posts and will almost certainly talk up being featured by an admired brand on their personal accounts.

How to activate Instagram USG?

Start by sharing some of the most popular images from:

  • Customers who are already following you and who like your images the most or comment the most. Use tools such as InsTrack App to quickly find top likers and/or top commenters, ghost followers (people watching your content but not following you).
  • Customers and general Instagramers who are posting images of your brand who are not following you.
  • User ever green hashtags and campaign hashtags so it is easier for you to aggregate photos from your customers.
Campaign Hashtag example mycalvins calvin klein underwear

Campaign Hashtag example #mycalvins Calvin Klein underwear

Assign this task (re-gram one UGC photo – get approval from user first -) once a day and do this during 3 months and track results.


Influence pyramid influencers edelman eDigital Sydney Australia

Influence pyramid influencers edelman – eDigital Sydney Australia

A more valid and common approach to grow your Instagram following base is to partner and collaborate with a selected group of Instagram Influencers in your product/service category who will love/ be eager to visually story tell about your brand benefits, products and/or services.

As they are influencers with likely a large amount of Instagram followers, your Instagram account will have a chance to receive new followers in a very short time. Some tools to run and manage Instagram campaigns with Influencers are TapInfluencePiqora, Klout, PeerIndex, Instabrand.

If you do not have enough budget to use any of these tools, then I would suggest you try to spot popular and influencing Instagram accounts by:

instagram topic search to find influencers ballet

instagram topic search to find influencers ballet

  • Using the “people” search functionality. See attached screenshot example for a search related to “ballet” which will show up some popular accounts. In this example if you brand sells ballet shoes and/or accessories, you can search “ballet” on Instagram Search tab and you will be prompted with popular accounts such as @balletzaida. You can start “mentioning” these influencers to see how they react to your brand images and potentially open up some interesting “partnership” conversations.
  • Stalking your competitors accounts and watching what other accounts they are following. Brands will tend to follow only relevant highly influential accounts. They might/might not have direct collaborations in place.
  • Doing specific advance searches via Google Search to find popular Instagram accounts. If you do not know how to use Google Search to spot Instagram influencers, you can contact us and we are happy to show how via one of our on-site Instagram Marketing consulting sessions.
influencers benefits program how Edelman eDigital Sydney Australia

influencers benefits program how Edelman – eDigital Sydney Australia

Tops tips when engaging Instagram influencers:

  • Be real – Do not use any automated email that sounds to corporate
  • Show that you are genuinly interested on her/his content
  • Explain briefly why she/he will be such a great fit
  • Confirm it is all about them and how the opportunity might fit their profile
  • Be brief when talking your potential influencer.
  • Have a brief document and company information ready.
  • Work in their schedule. Make it easy for them to work with your brand.
  • Have fun
  • Open to their ideas and creative input.
  • Develop a long term relationship and show you are interested to work long term.


One way of improving your instagram tactics is by looking at Iconosquare world’s most popular and most engaged Instagram accounts. You can also learn more Instagram tips at one of our Instagram training classes.


The easier for people to buy from your Instagram the more new Instagram followers you will get as people will suggest your Instagram account to their friends and family. Make your Instagram shop-able so users can buy from your Instagram photos. Contact us! to show you a demo.

To find a list of these Instagram shopable tools, please visit our Best Instagram tools article.


People love to get something they have always wanted but have not had the chance to. Think about what will make people enter your instagram competition/contest and run a competition around it. Ensure the prize and method of entry is highly relevant to your brand mission so you get the right people to enter yoru competition and follow you.

As part of the competition terms and conditions you can specify that people have to follow your Instagram account and keep it active to be a valid entry. Instagram hashtags make it easy for you and your business to collect photos from your competition entrants around a certain topic or theme. By engaging your fans with the right hashtag, you can also unlock existing and new influencers for your next instagram competitions and campaigns. To ensure competition entrants are using your competition hashtag, promote heavily your hashtag on your website, e-newsletter, display advertising and other social media channels. Competition entrants will then be able to tap on the specific competition hashtag and see a page with the most recent photos shared publicly that were tagged with the same hashtag. Learn more about hashtag pages here.

To find a list of Instagram competition tools, please visit our Best Instagram tools article.


If you are a freelancer, one woman/man business, VBA Visual brand ambassadors are real people chosen by Brand managers, National Marketing Managers or Chief Marketing Officers CMO’s of popular National or global brands to visually story tell and offer unique and creative imagery on the ground to assist specific Instagram marketing goals.

Brand ambassadors tend to be successful people on a specific field/topic/activity. Lets say you are a successful athlete and you have given the opportunity to provide images to Nike Instagram account. You are very likely to generate extra following by the promotion of your images via a national/global brand. Some photographers – for example – have become very popular by providing images to NatGeo (National Geographic) or Tourism Australia which are obviously have a massive following on Instagram.


  • Tagging the brand on just highly relevant and unique photos you are posting. The rational behind is to make them aware you exist. it might take months or a couple of years (depending on the quality of your visual story telling) for them to contact you.
  • Follow the brand’s decision makers via LinkedIn, Quora or Twitter and meet them at industry events (fairs, expos). Once you get to know them and understand their social media challenges and goals you will be able to start pitching the idea of becoming one of their official Instagram visual ambassador.
  • Subscribe to some of the most popular Instagram Influencers communities on the web such as Snapfluence,  TapInfluencePiqora, Instabrand and also start building your Klout, PeerIndex profile; this way global and national brands can easily review your profile and amplification potential and sign you up as a visual brand ambassador.


Every hashtag has an RSS feed associated with it, making it easy to subscribe to view new photos. The more your current followers have ways of being updated with your new photos the more likely they might suggest friends to follow you. Your Instagram followers can point their feed reader to[hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss (where [hashtag name] is the name of the hashtag without the leading #). This is useful when running physical events where people can follow along – with a feed reader- with live photos as they’re tagged.


  • Your profile picture will display as 110 x 110 pixels in the mobile app. However, the profile image will appear slightly larger on web. Best to upload an image that is 180 x 180 pixels to so it fits both mobile and web nicely.
  • Your logo image should match your other social media platforms so it is easy to recognise.


Knowing what topics or themes resonates with your audience not only helps for your Instagram success but also for your social media marketing in general. The below Nielsen Global Trust on Advertising Report 2015 will give you some interesting insights.

Themes AND topics that resonate with age brackets or generations. From Nielsen Global trust on Advertising Report 2015

Themes AND topics that resonate with age brackets or generations. From Nielsen Global trust on Advertising Report 2015

building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital

building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital


Facebook vs instagram- infograph 2016 october Insights from FB IQ a tale two feeds motivations mindsets eDigital Mauricio Escobar

Facebook vs instagram- infograph 2016 october Insights from FB IQ a tale two feeds motivations mindsets eDigital Mauricio Escobar


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