An Influencer Briefing document which outlines all expectations, deliverables, guidelines and requirements must be presented and accepted by both the brand and the influencer before a collaboration can begin.

If it is not, obstacles will continue to come up throughout the campaign, and some could have a detrimental impact on the overall success of the campaign.

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You should present an Influencer briefing document as you do when working with any other contractor, freelancer or consultant.

When working with influencers on a contra only strategy (where they are gifted a complimentary product or service in exchange for content or promotion) there are limitations on what you can set as an expectation and deliverable, as it is not an official working arrangement where there is no monetary compensation. When working with influencers on a contra strategy, it is okay to provide examples and ask what type of content may be produced.

To ensure you get the best from your influencer marketing campaign, you need to write a creative brief specifying the exact type of work and results you are after. Specially important when campaign budgets and time are limited. Having a proper Influencer brief document help you minimise errors.

Below are our top tips and key important areas when briefing an influencer.

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marketing template download eDigital

Influencer brief marketing document download eDigital

Template Sections:

✔ Brand and Influencer details

✔ Key Product/Service to be Promoted

✔ Audience Objectives

✔ Campaign Period Details

✔ Mandatory Requirements

✔ Things to Avoid

✔ Top Priority Content Themes

✔ Content Style

✔ Top Content Examples / Mood Board

✔ Content Grouping

✔ Disclosure Arrangements

✔ Deliverables

✔ Influencer Content Amplification via Branded channels

✔ Extra Talent Notes

✔ Preferred Location(s) details

✔ Payment Details


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The goal when writing an influencer brief document is to allow you and the influencer to:

  • understands your brand, business goals and target market.
  • Let your influencer knows exactly how the influencer campaign is aim to hit your marketing goals (in which context and for what purpose)
  • Help your influencer deliver an extraordinary work for you with no hassle at the right time and on budget.

Some of the top benefits of a well written influencer brief document includes:

  1. Deliver the right creative content.
  2. Reduce any misinterpretations.
  3. Ensure expectations from both parties (client and photographer) are clear.
  4. Agree on campaign timings.


Before you embark in the process of spending time writing an influencer brief document, you should:

  • Ensure the influencer’s audience is the exact audience you want to reach out.
  • Check out the influencer work and her/his creative content process and how it aligns to your brand vision and visual strategy.

Please find below a the points you should follow when writing a influencer brief.


1. Set clear objectives and goals on your brief

You want an influencer for a specific reason!

A clear brief will let your influencer know the exact reasons you want to collaborate and  and the exact actions/activities you aim to achieve.

You should write exactly what you want to achieve (measurable goals-objectives) with specific metrics to measure ROI. Remember, influencer collaborations are commonly use for different purposes. Some of the different type of campaigns might include:

  • Introducing a new brand
  • Shifting brand sentiment after a challenging issue
  • Offering a third party voice who can offer a comparison with your top closed competitors
  • Retargeting an old product that you want to give it a boost.
  • Distributing information about a sale – promoting a sale end period: discount codes, deals, offers.
  • Rewarding brand ambassadors with unique experiences with a top influencer

Before approaching your preferred influencers, please have clear the answers to the below questions:

  • What do I want people to feel when consuming our influencer’s content?
  • How unique the content need to be to stand out from the other collaborations the influencer might be engaging with?
  • What is the best time to get the influencer to publish the branded content?
  • Do you want the influencer to include call to actions on the branded content? What do I want the Influencer audience to do once they have consume their content? Do you want them to call/email your business? “like” the content? subscribe to your blog/e-newsletter? download a guide? buy a specific product? send an enquiry? book a demo?

Related reading: How to measure ROI on an influencer marketing campaign.


  • If you are looking to use the content/images an influencer has produced on your own channels this might also include large scale posters or billboards. Ensure you set clear expectations about copyrights. Want to know about image copyrights in Australia, you should read the photographers and Copyright Guide from the Australian Copyrights Council.

3. Specify Media platforms the influencer should be use.

Let your influencer know about the exact media platforms you would like him to use for your campaign. Some influencers might have multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, blogs, e-newsletters, Linkedin Profiles, Quora profiles, Youtube Channels, Twitter Accounts, etc.

4. Decide on exact Influencer Marketing Campaign Dates. 

Decide well in time the dates you want the influencer to be publishing your collaborative content pieces. Do competitors will be having also a marketing campaign? Keep in mind that if your influencer campaign is also during a public holiday, night time or a weekend day, influencers might charge you more.

5. Confirm Creative Guidelines.

The influencer briefing document is a great chance to ensure your influencer has a well understanding of your brand essence, vision, visual cues, positioning and voice and tone. Here, the idea is to give the influencer an idea of creative guidelines while giving her/him control over the final output.

6. Agree on the amount of content to be published.

It is imperative that you agree on the final amount of “best” creative content pieces to be published.

Tip: Respect their influencers’ audience and do not try to over publish too many branded pieces. Let the influencer guide you on the most optimal amount of creative content pieces. You might be better of with 5 amazing content pieces than 50 average ones.

7. Do not forget creative types, formats and quality images needed if you want to amplify the influencer photos on your own channels.

  • Do you need the influencer photos as NEF (Raw), JPEG, GIF, PNG?
  • What exact image size -height and width. Important!
  • Are the photos going to be edited/manipulated by a professional re-toucher? Would the influencer be happy with that? Is the influencer going to give you the RAW files?

8. Instruct how your influencer will be paid – payment

  • Within the influencer brief, write clearly how you are going to pay to your influencer – via a influencer platform? directly?
  • Also provide the date for the influencer to send you the first invoice.
  • You might want to ask your influencer for a discount if you can pay full collaboration well in advance.
  • Some influencers are freelancers and will not mind to give you a discount if you can bring offer payment in advance.
marketing template download eDigital

Influencer brief marketing document download eDigital


Best Influencer Brief Document Template eDigital

Best Influencer Brief Document Template eDigital