Google Analytics Audit eDigital Australia

Google Analytics Audit eDigital Australia


A Google Analytics Audit is a document that checks and recommend issues, solutions and fixes to your current Google Analytics account. The document is prepared by a Web Analytics expert or specialist.


Google Analytics audits are a great way to check the state and health of your current Google Analytics set up, configuration and advance settings. There might be key issues within your Google Analytics preventing you to take out the most of the data about your web visitors, conversions (goals) and success metrics.


eDigital Google Analytics Audit is delivered via PDF soft copy draft document and include:

1. Account /Property / view structure: Revise the current account / property / view structure and provide any recommendations.

2. Google Analytics Code Audit: confirm all pages bear the right GA code. Check for old (urchin) or mixed/duplicate tracking codes and how to fix them. Check GA code is in the right position. If you site is using Google Tag Manager we will check GTM configuration is optimal.

3. Site Search Tracking: Determine whether site search is being tracked correctly. Suggest best way to get insights from Site Search. 

4. Bounces by type of traffic: Check how you are comparing bounce rates among paid, returning, new visitors and suggest best way to get insights from Bounce rates data.

5. Review account filters: Audit any multiple filters your in Google Analytics set up and provide suggestions on how to best use and manage filters.

6. Custom tagging: Check Adwords auto-tagging is enable and that Google URL builder is being used correctly for email marketing, social media posts, etc.

7. Mobile traffic and Conversions: Check for right data and reports that generate insights on Mobile traffic vs Desktop traffic.

8. Macro Conversions: Check Macro conversions have been set up (goal tracking and event tracking) and reported correctly. Includes checking proper funnel configurations for the top Macro conversions/goals.

9. Micro Conversions: Check Micro conversions have been set up and reported correctly.

10. Advance Segments: Check your current advance segment set up and recommend improvements or other key advance segmentation.

11. Custom Reporting: Dozens of different custom reports can be set. However you will only need few to really track key success metrics. We check you have covered the top three most important custom reports for your business.

12. Duplicate content, referral Spam: Check Regex filters have been properly set up.

12. Exclude Internal IP addresses: check proper filter is in placed to exclude internal traffic from your company teams.

13. Source “Not provided”: Examine way to hack non-provided for keyword referral data and present opportunities for insights.

14. Alerts: Check alerts set up and provide recommendations on other top alerts missing.

15. Tools and Resources: provide any extra tools and resources to make the most out of GA.

16. On-site presentation: Up to 2 hours presentation of the final PDF document and includes strategic recommendations.

Please give us a call on 0481 367 711 or email us to confirm your Google Analytics Audit needs so we can confirm final price.