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LinkedIn Influencer Program – Training

Linkedin no longer accept Influencer applications. Top executives waiting to apply or receive an invitation to the Linkedin Influencer program are invited to start creating long-form posts. eDigital can offer strategic and tactical support to your CEO’s or top executives on Linkedin Long Form Posts. This will include reviewing and defining Linkedin Content strategy, amount of posts, posting frequency, content personality and voice, amplification methods and more. Send Mauricio an email to find out more.

LinkedIn Influencer is a designation given to approximately 500 professionals who’ve been invited to publish on LinkedIn. As leaders in their industries, geo-areas, they discuss topics of interest, such as leadership, management, HR, disruption, and more. Some top influencers include Richard Branson, Bill Gates. Linkedin work with Influencers to develop relevant content topics that will spark inspiring professional conversations.

The list of Influencers changes throughout the year to include only the most engaged, prolific, and thoughtful contributors and to ensure that their expertise matches Linkedin members’ interests.

NOTE: By March 2016, Company profiles cannot publish long form posts. Only personal accounts (both free and premium) on some countries (not all countries) have access to the long form posts publishing option. Everything you need to know about Long form posts is here.

B2B lead generation Linkedin marketing class Isabel Mesa Externado University - Mauricio Escobar eDigital - Ximena Hernandez mti

B2B lead generation Linkedin marketing class – Mauricio Escobar eDigital 


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