Grow Hacking Master Class. Become a Digital Marketing Ninja 

Online Course – 119 Lectures – 7 hours of video – More than nine thousand students have completed this course.

About This Course:

Learn how to use web analytics, traffic metrics, conversion funnels, Life Time Value (LTV), Return on Investment (ROI), CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs) calculations, social media, viral marketing, public relations, SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, and paid acquisition to grow fast. Learning to think and market like a “Growth Hacker” not only will help your company compete with market leading companies but also advance your career as a modern Digital Marketer. The demand for Growth Hacking skills continues to increase as companies need to attract and retain customers through online channels.This course was developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. You’ll apply the concepts as you learn, read about growth hacks, and learn from interactive modules developed by our animation team. This course begins by helping you use key  Digital Marketing tools like persona development, target market interviewing, and “buying center” analysis to establish your approach to growth. Then, you’ll develop analytical skills that will enable you to understand what’s working, where it’s working, and what needs to be changed. You’ll start with a section on web traffic analysis before moving onto lean analytics. Then you’ll develop the ability to design and track digital conversion funnels which, when combined key metrics, will enable you to find opportunities to bring new profitable customers. You will learn how to develop a user-centric approach to marketing. You’ll start with the new social media marketing landscape and then move on to viral marketing and public relations. Then, you’ll get a crash course in SEO for online destinations as well as for content marketing so that you can ensure that your content is discoverable on the web. The email marketing section will introduce you to automated email marketing strategies and also develop your ability to use email marketing platforms to manage a group of email list subscribers. The course wraps up with a section on paid acquisition and online advertising so that when you have an advertising budget, you’ll know how to use it. The course is project-based, so you’ll be able to use sections as you need them to achieve outcomes related to your growth objectives. You also have access to a brand new interview with Peter van Sabben that was recorded in Amsterdam in the Winter of 2015. Peter is one of Europe’s leading growth hackers and the co-founder of Growth Tribe, the first ever growth hacking program sponsored by a university (the University of Amsterdam) and backed by Facebook. The course latest version (v4) includes content related to the application of bots to social media, Google 360.  


How the culture of growth hacking has disrupted the world of marketing and created a technological marketing revolution. How entrepreneurs and organisations will realise maximum benefit from investments in growth hacking initiatives. How to use customer action funnels, lean analytics practices, and the development of target personas inform smarter decisions. How to tell better stories, write compelling marketing content, and leverage the social web to realise both revenue growth and cost savings. What makes a campaign “viral” and how organisations can support viral sparks and transform them into truly viral successes. How to use automated and ad hoc email marketing tactics for customer creation and retention. How to apply LTV, CAC, and churn rate in the context of organic and paid customer acquisition.