8 March 2017 – eDigital reveals the best Instagram Tools most people do not know about! These tools allows to better manage, market and include hacks and tricks used by professional Instagram marketers to fast increase and get thousands of new Instagram followers for free! – Your Instagram account will be like a bee reaching thousands of Instagram users per day!

Instagram has positioned itself as one key marketing channels, specially if your brand targets Gen Y and Z global audience. With over 500 million users (Aug 2016) and being of the highest social media platforms in terms of engagement rates (likes, comments per post) with an estimated ad revenue of 2.8 billion for 2016 (Source eMarketer); marketers need to ensure they are using the right tools to promote, engage and measure Instagram success!

Following our popular “how to get Instagram followers fast and free” article and to learn how to market successfully via Instagram, Global Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Trainer, Mauricio Escobar from eDigital Agency, lists some of the most popular and effective tools used by professional marketing practitioners below…

Note: From July 2016, Instagram Business profiles with analytics features are now also available. Just go to settings on your Instagram account and switch to Business profile – You will need to have a Facebook business page that you can link  to your new Instagram business account. Instagram business account shows great insights including:

  • Total weekly posts impressions
  • Impressions of each post posted in the last three months.
  • The days of the week when your followers are the most/least active
  • Average time your followers are on Instagram each day of the week.
  • Top countries your followers are located.
  • Top cities your followers are located.
  • The gender and age distribution of your followers.
  • Number of followers


Back in August 2016 Instagram launched: Instagram Stories. Pretty much a copy-cat of Snapchat, allows brands to upload photos and video type content tha appears on top of Instagram users’ feed. However there are limitations that make planning Instagram stories challenging as you can only post photos or videos taken within a 24-hour time period. Below are some easy hacks other marketers have kindly shared with us:

  • Screenshot an old photo so it comes back into the 24 hour period on your phone.
  • Change photo date with Pixelgarde app. It is free and you can pay $1.99  to remove their watermark.
  • Change the date of your video with iMovie App for iphones or VideoShow for Android phones.
  • Upload a photo or video to Instagram while on Airplane mode. Make sure you tap “Share.” Your photo or video will not post – cause you are on airplane mode – however Instagram will save a new copy of the edited photo or video to your Camera Roll. Then disable “airplane mode” and go to the image selector in Instagram Stories where the edited photo or video should appear. The make it live 🙂

Another Nov 2016 updates are:

  • You can now use Boomerang App inside Instagram Stories, creating cool image loops with no need of leaving the Stories section of Instagram.
  • You can now tag your Instagram friends on your Instagram stories by adding the @ symbol.
  • You can now add a hyperlink into your Instagram stories, sending users to your website.


  • IconoSquare ⚡️ eDigital recommended ⚡️ Founded in 2011 in France, Iconosquare is on of the top leading Instagram tools. Allows you to analyse, manage and run competitions for one or multiple Instagram accounts. There is a free version only for seven days. Paid plans include: Plus $49/year (does not include competitor or hashtag tracking) – Elite $149/year (includes competitors tracking up to 5 competitors and hashtag tracking up to 3 hashtags) – Corporate $499/year. You will enjoy using Iconosquare Index List to find top popular brands (Find out that actress and singer Selena Gomez is the most followed Instagram Account) or find out the most engaging Instagram Accounts. The Iconosquare Influence List is also a handy tool find top influencers by country.
  • InsTrack: Instrack can be one of your favourite Apps you will use to check your Instagram progress on the go. It not free, you gotta pay around $2.95 per feature. There are around 4 main features you pay to get the whole offering, so it will cost you approx $12 dollars. The app will help you manage Instagram performance, see the people who have blocked you, your most popular photos, your least popular photo, ghost likers (people who like your photos but do not follow you), rank your best friends (the ones liking and commenting the most), etc.
  • Magi Metrics: Top three things you can do with this tool.  1. Discover your most popular Instagram posts and turn them into ads. 2. Analytics: Export anyone’s Instagram account, the followers, posts, comments or likes for any Instagram account. Export an Instagram hashtag. Get the data as a spreadsheet file, so you can do your own analysis. 3. Influencers: Search for Instagram influencers by keyword and filter by number of followers, engagement and location.
    Great tool if you need to download a full list of Instagram followers or a full list of people who have liked all your Instagram posts or have commented on all your Instagram post. Also this tool is useful when you have thousands of followers but cannot search for a specific one natively on Instagram as there is no search bar. The free option on Magi Metrics will give you up to 100 followers or post per export. The paid version starting at  $100/month will give you up to 1 million followers/posts per export.
magi metrics instagram followers list example downlaod spread sheet eDigital 2016

magi metrics instagram followers list example downlaod spread sheet eDigital 2016

  • Simply Measured:Enterprise tool (not cheap). Packages Starts at $500/month. However, they offer a free Instagram report on how your account is performing and what images are working for you.
  • Socialblade allows you to find Instagram stats of top 10, 50, 100 by number of followers – worldwide
  • Websta Find hot/popular instagram tags.


You might want to use them to only automate the process of liking photos with specific hashtags or locations. I would not recommend to use these tools to automate the process of “following” as it might not pick up the right followers who would also like to follow you back and engage (like, comment) with your Instagram photos.

With any of the below tools ensure you set time zone is set ( if the tool allows) for your real location time zone AND server location for your real location as well as. This is important as Instagram can detect someone in another location is trying to sign up to your account sending strage signals to Instagram.

  • #likes – ⚡️ eDigital recommended ⚡️, $29.99 (120 days). Free 5 day trial period. The tool will like and follow specific hashtags or locations. Allows to exclude following “private” users. It allow us to build a new account from no followers to 3200 followers in 3 months.
  • Archie packages start at $27/month, $39/month, $59/month
  • Autogrambot packages starts at $9/month (2 accounts), $19/month (5 accounts), 39/month (10 accounts).
  • FastFollowerz can offer you 1.000 Instagram followers for $199. Offers location targeting and blacklist keywords.
  • Followliker $97.99 One time payment. unlimited accounts. Automate the process of follow users, unfollow users, share photos, like photos, unlike photos, post comments, send direct messages, user search, photo search.
  • Instagress $79.99 a yearautomate your account likes and comments on other instagram profiles
  • Instamacro (also called Instaliker) Same as other auto like, auto follower tools. Packages start at $2.99 for one day. If you pay for 30 days you can get the package for $59.99
  • Likestagram: bot that will automate “liking” for you specific hashtags.
  • MyInstapal: 7 day free trial. Then packages start at $14.99
  • River ⚡️ eDigital recommended ⚡️ $49 and $99 packages per month. Can add relevant comments based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. We tested this tool and helped un increased our following base from 3200 to 5870 by the tool liking and commenting on specific hashtags we set. To achieve this result, the tool had to follow the max of 7500 people Instagram allow to follow. We are now in the process of bulk un-following to find out the net gain. We will update the final results soon.
  • Robolike
  • Socedo premium tool for large enterprises
  • SocialGear three day free trial. US$4/day. expect around 500 new followers a week.
  • packages start at $9.95 (3 days), $79 (one month), $199 (3 months). Use promo code “15OFFSALE” or “XMAS15” to get 15% off.


Apps that allow you to mass unfollow on Instagram saving you manual time unfollowing hundreds and even thousand users your account is following…



  • Fiverr: Creative crowdsourcing in case you want to buy unique imagery.
  • Tongal: Creative crowdsourcing in case you want to buy unique imagery.
  • eDigital Agency: we can source the right images for your account and research the right colour palette to build visual consistency across yoru entire Instagram presence.





  • ShortStack Makes it easy to set up and update Instagram campaigns, contest with a simple Instagram bio url that leads to a campaign competition landing page that you can edit easily via ShortStack. Great blog with case studies and tips.


  • Clashot A popular stock photos website. You to upload your photos for buyers to review. You can sell your photos for between $0.50 and $80, and you will earn commission for every piece that is purchased.
  • Foap This app helps mobile photographers make cash from their photos. You can upload your photos and making them available for purchase as stock images. For every photo sold, you make $5, and you can sell the same photo an unlimited amount of times.
  • Snapcape Snapcape asks you to sell your photos within certain categories, such as restaurants, hotels, pets and laptops. You will upload 10 photos and they will review the quality of your work to whether list you or not.
  • Snapwire allow users to sell their mobile photography for money. You can submit your photos for cash approx $100 per photo. As photographers build more credibility on the site over time, they can potentially receive more briefs from buyers.
  • Stockimo Part of Alamy, a large stock photo agency. Stockimo has paid $140M out to photographers. You upload your photos and once it’s approved, it goes up for sale. You receive commission for every photo sold, and you are permitted to retain the copyright to your work.
  • Tribe: Australian based influencer platform will pay you for your instagram photos.
  • Twenty20: Monetise your instagram photos.


  • A Color Story: Nice app to bring to life vibrant images and photos
  • Afterlight: Photo editing apps
  • Animoto: Video making and Image collage app
  • Aviary Photo editor: Photo editing apps
  • Befunky: Free Photo editing tool for desktop. My prefer one when I do not want to use Photoshop or for some reason I do not have photoshop available.
  • Canva: Create Text/image overlays
  • Clipper: Instant video editing and publishing for instagram videos
  • Cinemagram: Cinemagraph is a tool for creating and publishing beautiful living photos . Enjoy enhanced capture & editing tools with the ability to export in HD resolution. You can also embed on any website.
  • Colourblast: Make image only one colour. Colour editing effects app for instagram.
  • Diptic Combine multiple photos to create one new image.
  • Enlight ⚡️ eDigital recommended ⚡️ Be careful! this photo editing app can be very addictive! Double exposures conveying creative experimentations is the play field here. A real contender for VSCO and Mextures Apps this is a tool you gotta have in your iphone. Lighttricks which is the company that built Enlight app made 18 million in two years selling Facetune so they have been fully fuiling the RnD tank with Enlight. They know there is big $$ on this.
  • Everlapse: great for creating Photo Slideshows
  • Flickstitch: Image collage app
  • Flipagram: Photo Slideshows
  • Flixel: Animations, gifs, loops, cinemagraphs. Amazing tool if you want to take your photos to the next level!
  • Fotodanz: Animations from Google Play for Android mobile devices.
  • Fotor
  • iblend: Image collage app
  • Instapicframe: Image collage app
  • InstaStich: Image collage app
  • Instavid:Video editing and publishing
  • Latergram: allows you to schedule instagram posts at a later date. By Feb 2016 you still need to publish manually as Instagram API does not allow for future publishing. Latergram will send you a notifications for you to send your Instagram post live. Some new key features of Latergram are:
    • Media Library: store all your photos and videos for multiple Instagram accounts in one place 
    • Bulk upload photos and videos with drag and drop scheduling
    • Add labels to your uploaded media and easily search for them
    • Schedule the same photo or video multiple times
  • Layout lets you create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos.
  • Legend Turn text into stunning animations! Put your words in motion.
  • Mextures  Hundreds of analog light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge, and perfectly tuned gradients. With 12 different blending modes per texture, every new layer adds a dynamic range of possibilities.
  • NoCrop: No longer needed as Instagram now resizes your photo to fit.
  • Phonto
  • Photoblend: Image collage app
  • Pic Collage: Image collage app
  • Piclab: Image collage app
  • Picmonkey: Photo editing tool. you can create text/image overlays
  • PicPlayPost: Nice tool to combine images and videos into a one single collage for instagram.
  • Pixfiltre: free desktop basic image editing tool
  • Pixlr: Same as PicMonkey, BeFunky or Canva this is a free tool for editing images in case you cannot afford Lightroom or Photoshop.
  • Repost: When re-gramming Instagram photos or images from other users this tools allows you to do it in a nice way so you do not have to screen shot and crop, saving you time!
  • Rhonna Designs
  • Ripl: allows you to create animated graphics which have proven to increase engagement.
  • Snapseed ⚡️ eDigital recommended ⚡️ Owned by Google, this free photo editing tool is one of my prefer photo editing app tools – I  use it every day to to retouch my photos and get them ready for @edigitalphotos. It is very easy and intuitive to use it.
  • SnapWidget (add a free instagram feed to your website)
  • SpaceEffect: Space effect bring some interesting colour palettes to your images bringing a different colour palette to them. Interesting tool to play with.
  • Videohance easily edit your videos and give them a creative taste.
  • Vidstitch: Free video collage app for android mobile cell phones/devices
  • VSCO Cam: great app to make images a bit moodier or golden style.
  • Wordswag


  • FlashStock: you can submit photo assignments for very low cost and photographers around the world will submit their photos. By Feb 2016, photographers tend to be paid $10 per photo submitted. Advertiser will have full copyrights of the photos.
  • Stocksy
  • Twenty20: Creative photography from Instagram users.
  • Check our Royalty Free Stock Images Websites list


Instagram API does not allow for direct scheduling yet so all Instagram Scheduling tools will be sending you a notification reminder when for you to push your image live.


Prices by Sep 2015 – Comparison is important so compare today and save future headaches.


  • HastagPirate – Do NOT use it. it is spam and will not be able to close your window once you go to their website.
  • allows you to search for multiple Instagram hashtags #


  • Meta Trixter App that allows you to change the date of a photo stored in your iphone. This is useful when using photos for your instagram stories that are dated 24 hours more as Instagram stories do not allow to use photos that were taken before 24 hours time frame.
  • Storied for Instagram This paid app (0.99 euros) will display any photo/video from your Camera Roll onto your Instagram Story! Even if it wasn’t taken in the last 24 hours, this app will make it available. How? It makes a copy of the photos you want to display on your camera roll so you are ready with fresh photos to be used for your new Instagram Story.


Have you found an image to want to promote on your Instagram account but not sure what the element inside the image is called? then you need to use an image recognition tool or visual search tool. Great tool to find the name of birds, trees, flowers, dog types, etc.

  • CamFind is a visual search and image recognition mobile app developed by Image Searcher, Inc. in 2013. Powered by their api, CloudSight, it allows users to identify any item just by taking a picture with their smartphone, providing a range of information including related images, local shopping results, price comparisons and web results


  • Content Plum Instagram Widget – You can create Instagram image galleries by Instagram username or hashtag. Display Instagram photos right below your product in e-commerce store. Display it as separate Instagram gallery. Create Contests using Instagram hashtags and display it on website.  Curate, moderate and visualise Instagram photos. Completely control which posts are being displayed on the widget.  Customise look and feel to match your website.
  • Enjoy Instagram: for wordpress websites – with the premium version allows you to create widgets, sidebars with carousel or gird view that you can moderate (select the exact images you want).
  • Intagme: Embed your instagram feed into your website either.
  • Websta: Allows you to create embed Instagram galleries. Each image will link to websta website.
  • Learn how to get Instagram followers fast and free
building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital

building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital






Facebook vs instagram- infograph 2016 october Insights from FB IQ a tale two feeds motivations mindsets eDigital Mauricio Escobar

Facebook vs instagram- infograph 2016 october Insights from FB IQ a tale two feeds motivations mindsets eDigital Mauricio Escobar