Whether you are thinking about a new iphone or android app for your business or ready to brief an app development agency; you will find this Mobile App Development Brief Template very useful. Great to ensure every party understand the objectives of your mobile app project and ensure the delivery is successful.


The below Mobile App Development Brief Template will effectively help you map out your app objectives and requirements and ensure your app developer understands your app development objectives and specifications. This information will be critical to ensure your app development project is successful!

Client Information

  • Company name:
  • Tax Number:
  • Full contact name:
  • Full contact position:
  • Email address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Best times to call:
  • Company website:

Current Market Situation

  • Tell us a about your commercial activity (what do yo actually sell and why your reason to be in the market – founder story)
  • How much of the market you dominate? Industry share?
  • What are the top three trends in your industry your company is forecasting in the next two years an how the relate to offering services or products via a new app?
  • Who are your top two competitors, what sort of apps they offer and what are you currently offering to differentiate from them?
  • What are your top two brands or services expecting or already bringing most of your sales this year?

Customers Insights

  • Tell us about your most profitable customer (The 20% of your customer base that generates 80% or more of your sales): Include demographics: age bracket, gender, geography – where they live – language AND psychographics: attitudes, lifestyle, believes, activities they love to do, top brands they follow.
  • Is the new app project targeting your most profitable customer? if so which will be the main 2 reasons they will use and love your new app?
  • Have you done market research confirming your most profitable customers will use your new app? if so, please attached your market research document.
  • What other relevant apps your most profitable customers use? what do they love about them?
  • What other apps or mediums are you currently using to satisfy your app offering.

App Objectives

What are the key objectives of your new app?

  • Mobile Presence (Awareness) ____
  • Traffic Acquisition (Drive traffic to store or website) ____
  • Content Generation and Distribution ____
  • Drive E-commerce Sales ____
  • Customer Support ____
  • Confirm Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before extended app version ___
  • Another _____

What are the key user objectives (what do they want to get out of using the new app). Be as much specific as possible.


Are you thinking of an Early Product Release V1 to complete market testing before deploying full set of features( V2, V3 and more versions)? If so, what are your top 3 app features that will bring your Minimum viable product (MVP) V1 successful?

Note: Minimum viable product (MVP) in app development  is a great and highly recommended option to test success of the most compelling features of your app with minimum dev investment and in the shortest time frame.

Is there any app that you can reference in terms of User Experience / Functionality / Design? that you would like us to take into consideration?

What sort of content you would like users to be able to directly share from app into their social media networks?

Under which devices you would like the app to run

  • Mobile phones _____
  • Apple Watch _____
  • Tablets _____
  • Desktops _____
  • TV’s _____
  • Oculus Rift (VR) _____
  • Samsung Gear (VR) _____
  • HTC Vive (VR) _____
  • Augmented Reality _____

Under which operating systems you would like the app to run?

  • Iphone ____
  • Android ____
  • Windows ____

Have you defined specific features for each version released? If so please include them on this brief. You might want – for example – registration to be in Version 2 and/or that users to be able to connect and chat within the app in version 3 or users to be able to add ratings or comments to a specific product, service or event in version 4.

Tip: Even though you may not have much clarity beyond your app version 1, it helps for the eDigital Development team to know what you have in mind, and build and design things accordingly. Giving eDigital a roadmap in advance help you many unnecessary redesigns and code refactoring. Plus, writing it down helps you think through your app vision better. The less features for each version, the quickest and cheapest each version release will be, allowing you to test the new app features the most agile way. Then you can decide whether improve existing features, delete features users did not want or deploy new ones.

Why Minimum Viable Product Definition is so important

  • Instead of spending six months building a whole set of ideas and features, what an MVP allows you to do is to focus on ONLY the most important features and be able to launch them in a very short time frame.
  • As you will make early releases, the quicker you will know what to enhance, change, pivot or delete from your early release, allowing you to do agile market testing.
  • eDigital Agency will help you define your Minimum Viable Product and road map key features for later app versions.
minimum viable product mvp app development brief template

Minimum viable product mvp app development brief template

Tip: It’s natural to want to build a “lot of experience” before app launch, but more often than not that’s a bad idea. If your MVP will take months to build, it’s not an MVP. Try to bring it down to one, simple, beautifuluse case that can delight the user.


Please attach any wireframe that shows – for each screen or page – what’s the most important thing you want the user to see and interact with. This will orients the design team in the right direction and will save back and forth time.


  • Is there any specific workflows you would like your new app users to execute and complete? Please add in detail…
  • Is there any specific data workflow to follow?


  • What other platforms you would like to be integrated with this new app?
  • What sort of data/content you would like to be able to import into the new app and export from this new app?


  • Please attached your branding guidelines documents (Colour palette, Design Guide, Font Types, others)


  • How do you expect users will find your app? Search Organic? Adwords? Social Media ads? Events? Tv ads?
  • Are you partnering with other companies to launch your app? what will their role be?


Estimated budget for each version release :

  • MVP V1: $______
  • V2: $______
  • V3: $_____


  • Is there any industry, technology, legal, cultural or resources important information, issues, limitations our Development team needs to be aware of?

Final tips when briefing and managing and app development project

  • The biggest mistake people make is hiring someone to build the app and be done with it. Launching an app is the beginning, not the end. You’ll need the professional team way beyond that who can also help you optimise your app, promote it and show you ways to measure its success.
  • If you’re going for an agency, make sure you can interact with your project manager, developers and designers.
  • Look for technical project managers — ideally they should be Architect level people that can take your inputs and guide the team, not just people managers who simply forward emails. If it’s remote agency look for project managers ideally on the same time zone and location with vast app development experience and insist on app examples they have built.
  • Using agile communication tools like slack so they are always available to chat. Clearly explain the roadmap, milestones, schedule, and insist on weekly sprints and demos. You don’t want them to spend months “polishing” it before showing it to you. You want to see a build every week, even if it’s very raw.
  • Finally, setup tools for project management and collaboration— for example, slack for communication, asana for task management, invision for prototypes and design reviews, github for code, etc.
  • Make sure no communication is lost and everything is tracked.


  •  eDigital offers professional app development. Contact us or have a chat with Mauricio via Skype: mauroes1 today!

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