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“Mauricio became our Digital Marketing Consultant some months ago and he has been instrumental in terms of steering us to develop successful digital marketing campaigns. He has provided us with practical top tips for what we previously considered the mind-field that is Google Analytics and Social Media activity. We feel that Mauricio gained a real understanding of what our business is about before applying this knowledge to recommend a series of strategies to implement and we intend to work with him again in the near future”

Hannah Maskrey, Mood Media Australia

“I recently had a training session with Mauricio on the topic of SEO. He has a wealth of knowledge in the Digital Marketing space and was very detailed, informative yet practical in his teaching about SEO. Mauricio is passionate about the industry he works in and this positively translates in his ability to educate. Thanks Mauricio!”

Natalie Ismiel, Nad's

Mauricio’s Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategy guidance has been fundamental for growing my business and getting more new clients through my website. Mauricio dumbs it down for the non-tech like me and gives us the tools to optimize sites as a pro. You will surely be supported by one of the best and friendliest Digital Marketers in Australia

Juan Arango, Creare

“I have been extremely fortunate to have received assistance on my eCommerce business from Mauricio. His technical expertise and insider knowledge has helped me optimise my online marketing, leading to an increase in conversions. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to increase their online presence and increase their bottom line”

Michael Baker, Nutritionist

“Mauricio has an incredible knowledge when it comes to DM and I was positively surprised to see he customised a presentation for me to take home. He answered to all my questions profusely and he easily explained me also the most technical facades of DM. It’s easy to see that he enjoys training and he Knows the latest Google’s updates and the SEO world back to front. It really doesn’t matter if you have tons of years of experience or if you are completely new to the marketing world, I would definitely recommend Mauricio for his extremely professional approach to Digital Marketing”

Claudia Vidor, Freelance Marketer

“Mauricio effectively utilised analytics to drive ROI in his marketing activity. I was also impressed with his ability to present his knowledge to the greater business at News Digital Media and educate his peers”

Rick Speciale, MyCMO

“I completed a training session with Mauricio to learn more about SEO and marketing for a company website I am doing the social media for.  He delivered an excellent presentation and explained things in a way that I could understand and was highly practical and valuable for the business.  I recommend Mauricio for all areas of training and SEO, marketing, web solutions etc. He is really friendly and easy to work with. A great experience!”

Nicola Speer, Recruitment Partner

“The thing that sets Mauricio apart from other Marketing Managers I have worked with is a genuine interest and commitment to supporting the sales team. Whilst managing all the other responsibilities that came with his role he supported our team consistently which lead to overall increased sales revenue to the company. I recommend Mauricio to any potential employer or business partner as a motivated, ‘on the ball’ online specialist who is able to keep the big picture in mind”

Joshua Flannery, UNSW Entrepreneurship Program Manager

“Working with Mauricio was a pleasure as he’s got a deep understanding of all aspects of digital marketing. He’s very enthusiastic, professional and dedicated to achieve the best results for each project”

Morgan Gautier, Web Publications

“Mauricio successfully achieved great increase in Traffic for Homesite.com.au and Renovate Section of realestate.com.au by optimising content and search traffic, cross promotions and online competitions.I would recommend Mauricio to any company that needs an pro-active online marketer” 

Max Sim, Founder and Growth Marketer - Jagonal

“Mauricio helped me to understand the technical aspects of Google Adwords, analytics, optimisation of my search terms bidding and ad groups structure. Excellent Guidance!”

Patra Argyrou, Entrepreneur

“Mauricio is a great manager – thorough – organised – and really clear in his expectations. When you’re developing a digital strategy- there’s a lot of learning to do – and he really knows how to bring people along and encourage them. I learnt a lot just watching him juggle the, (sometimes competing), needs of everyone from the Warehouse to the Head of Marketing. He’s just brilliant to work with”

Helen Campbell, Freelance Producer

“Mauricio is one of the few SEO guys I’ve worked with who doesn’t try to obfuscate what he does with technobabble and cant. Instead of throwing money at mystical algorithms and farcical content-creation projects, he will provide a straightforward set of objectives and the mechanisms you can employ to meet them. He will give you measurable targets and a measurable ROI – and then he will most likely beat them for you”

Ben Rollins, Software Manager

“Mauricio is an excellent online marketer. His highly analytical and strategic approach to SEO and SEM were key to diving traffic traffic and building the Homesite brand”

Matt Travers, Product Development Manager

“Mauricio is an extremely skilled Social and Digital Media Manager and was instrumental in developing and implementing The Athlete’s Foot’s first eCommerce website, search and social media platforms. Mauricio brought a wealth of industry experience and knowledge on the projects he was involved in. As a team we gained from his experience executing our offline campaigns to the online space. Mauricio has the skills to start up any company’s digital strategy or to improve on their existing digital plans”

Roselyn Toskas, Brand Manager

“I hired Mauricio to develop and implement digital marketing strategies including SEO, SEM, email marketing and web analytics on a number of websites”. He performed very well in the role and I would definitely recommend him and/or rehire him”

Tracey Prescott, Communications Manager

“eDigital On-site Master Class training was absolutely amazing! Mauricio handled a group of nine people from diverse backgrounds, all at different levels of Digital Marketing experience and knowledge. We covered Digital Marketing Strategy and Mauricio made it easily for us to understand and offered a lot of useful information and insights for our current campaigns. After the training we had the chance to email him with more questions and as well he offered us to call him anytime with any question that we can have in the future. Definitely I would recommend eDigital services Mauricio was capable of adapting his training to all the levels”

Marina Sanchez, Marketing Manager

eDigital DNA

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      • 2007 – First client while working full time.
      • 2012/13 – Sabbatical year 36 countries travelled so far.
      • 2013  March – Founded eDigital
      • 2014 Feb – eDigital website goes live.
      • 2014/15 – More than 300 hundred people trained via classes, seminars and workshops.
      • 2016 – More than 500 participants and students have assisted to eDigital training sessions.
      • 2017 – eDigital becomes one of the Top 10 Most Visited “Marketing” websites in Australia.

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Google adwords search advertising certification Mauricio Escobar

Google adwords search advertising certification Mauricio Escobar

SEO Certification - SEO Training Course by Moz.com

SEO Certification – SEO Training Course by Moz.com

building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital

building your mobile presence with instagram business tools blueprint certification mauricio escobar edigital

Getting Started with Facebook bots Automation Messenger Blueprint certification Mauricio-Escobar eDigita

Getting Started with Facebook bots Automation Messenger Blueprint certification Mauricio-Escobar eDigital

Clicks to website facebook blueprint course certification mauricio escobar edigital

Clicks to website facebook blueprint course certification mauricio escobar edigital

Bring the best Digital Marketing Practice and capability to the most curious marketing minds. From strategy frameworks, passing to tactical campaign management and optimisation, measurement, benchmarking and reporting.

Be kind and curious, ask questions, share your knowledge to others. Contribute to the better common good. Dream big and never stop learning! #edigitalclass

Help you solve your biggest and most interesting digital marketing and communication challenges via best practice campaign management and optimisation or professional digital marketing training to your team.